Interview Questions for IMS

INDIACAN 8/7/2012

Computer Basic,MS Office And Internet
1.What are the different inputs and outputs devices in a system? INPUT DEVICE                   OUTPUT DEVICE MOUSE                                  MONITER         KEYBOARD                            SPEAKER         CAMERA                                PRINTER              SCANNER 2.What are different functions of a computer? there are four basic functions of a Computer.
1. INPUT- you input data i.e. you provide data; set of instuctions. You input data through input devices which are keyboard, mouse, scanner,etc
2. PROCESSING- the computer processes it i.e. it manipulates the data which is done by the C.P.U
3. OUTPUT- After processing the data the computer displays the result , it gives an output. Output devices are the monitor, in the case of visual output. speakers, in the case of audio output, printers, etc
4. STORAGE- You can save your data for future use in the CPU itself which is stored i…